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Custom Printing

   Nordec was founded by an early innovator in the world of screen-printing. Cutting-edge techniques were employed as early as 1957 when the pressure sensitive industry was in its infancy. Nordec's original business involved the production of slide off water transfer decals for the model industry as well as screen printing, laminating, embossing, and die cutting of metallized polyester and other materials. Nordec continued to perfect its other products as the water transfer business evaporated in the early 1970's when model companies chose to move their production overseas.

As technology in screen-printing advanced, Nordec modernized its facilities with the latest in proven technologies and we continue to do so to this day. Over the years, Nordec has moved to virtually all U.V. production. This technology allows for solventless printing and superb quality. Nordec continues to progress with our commitment to high line screens and tight registration on virtually all available printing substrates.

Nordec continues to lead the industry with our commitment to superb quality and customer service. We produce a broad variety of products, from decals to nameplates to POP. Come join us and our many satisfied clients from all across North America as we strive to continue our legacy of excellence.

  • Screen Printing 

  • PETG 

  • Polycarbonate 

  • Polyester 

  • Vinyl 

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