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Custom Metal Fabrication with Value added

Entropy Cabinet Solutions (ECS) was established in 1974 quickly becoming the #1 sheet metal manufacturer in Taiwan. ECS expanded in to the US market in 1995 by establishing a 20,000 sqft contract manufacturing facility in Chicago, IL. ECS specializes in metal fabrication by, die casting, CNC, laser cutting, robotic bending, robotic welding, powder coating, plastic injection, and whole box build. 

ECS team of industrial design, mechanical, and electrical engineers are available to take your project from concept to full scale production. 

  • Precision Machining

  • Metal Fabrication, Full Service

  • Mechanical & Electrical Design

  • Value Added

Click Below to book a meeting and see what ECS can do for you

Screenshot 2023-09-06 at 1.30.22 PM.png
Screenshot 2023-10-06 at 12.08.16 PM.png
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Taiwan Manufacturing with Chicago Office and Warehouse
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